Torcito park


The park covers an area of 203 hectares and it is situated 500 meters away from the urban center of Cannole, located a few kilometers from the sea of Otranto.

The flourishing vegetation of the park, re-thanks to the intervention of 1970 by the provincial, has the most different specimens of plants belonging to Macchia Mediterranea low, the garrigue and semisteppa.

Besides the wonderful flora, that makes unique the place, in the park there is a "masseria" (old house complex) dating back to the twelfth century. Tourists are completely immersed in the greenery and history, and they can visit the complex with a tourist guide.

In the park there is also "The Anthemis Hydruntina Groves", called in the local slang "Camomile of Otranto," a tipycal meridional plant that grows in this area.

Inside the park, besides the tour, tourists can walk along ancient green paths or old roads, between stone walls and "pozzelle" dug into the rock. Tourists can also choose walk along one of the 4 cycle tracks or if they prefer, can discover the beatiful an verdant path called "Greenhouse"